Third party administration (TPA), at the service of the marine insured…

A TPA (Third party Administration) maritime service designed to meet the very specific needs of the marine claims, specifically stevedores and shipping companies. It is a premise of Ingemar to adapt the service to the client’s needs through a service design that is highly adapted to the client’s needs. Ingemar incorporates into this service the experience acquired in the insurance maritime sector of more than 15 years working with experts, insurers, maritime brokers and shipping companies in all types of claims.

This service constitutes a novelty in the market, since it is strictly aimed at the insured, and very specifically at the insured in the maritime sector, responding to maritime policies for RC, hull and machinery and all risks in terminals and port companies.

The scope of the service begins from the first moment of the claim, accompanying the entire process until its settlement, involving brokers, insured companies, experts and ultimately all parties to ensure that the steps in the processing are technically developed in an impeccable and precise manner, which will allow a settlement of the claim in a reasonable time.

Ingemar uses human resources with the necessary training and experience to provide a satisfactory solution to the insured, bringing together all the information from the different departments of the insured, which undoubtedly frees up resources for the insured.

Ingemar processes all claims, from damages under deductible to large claims, putting the expert resources when required by the insured, aimed at achieving an adequate negotiation of the settlements proposed by the insured and their experts. Ingemar incorporates legal advice to proceed with claims and recoveries by friendly means on the basis of no cure no pay

Ingemar develops, together with the insured, a matrix for actions below and above the limits of authority, which allows absolute control by the insured of the entire process.

The service does not conflict with the work of the broker, quite the contrary, it seeks close collaboration with it and technical support for a satisfactory resolution of the claim.

Consultancy service aimed specifically to EPCs companies…

Historically to coincide these two worlds , engineering and marine logistic, has not been an easy task, actually some marine old rules still are not well understood by engineering companies. Frequently, the natural transition for an engineering company to become a EPC has been a painful process when meet with the marine world.

To combine the engineering, a world of accuracy and planning, with the marine world, full of imprecisions, shadows areas and permanent delays has caused in no infrequently occasions serious delays, problems in the execution of the projects and of course economic penalties.

Over many years of experience acquired in international engineering projects, we have verified how the same errors have invariable been repeated wherever the marine phase become relevant. We have witnessed in many occasions how the relationships between freight forwarders and engineering companies went into crisis, when the shadow areas of the marine contract appear, usually bringing a negative economic impact and time delay of the project.

To remedy this, we have seen how the logistics departments have grown year after year without a translation in project costs. In our view, there is currently a homogenization of the logistics process that is not adapted to the philosophy, size, capabilities and personality of each engineering.In our view, there is currently a homogenization of the logistics process that is not adapted to the philosophy, size, capabilities and personality of each engineering.

For all of the above, Ingemar accompanies to the engineering companies throughout the logistics design, planning, contractual development and execution of the project, with the aim of obtaining a clear operational improvement and adjusting of the maritime phase to the general project budge