Marine casualties, claims and warranty services

Marine casualties, claims, New Constructions, Control and monitoring of ship repairs,  warranty services

Root Cause Investigations

Our  engineers investigate a diverse range of failures and incidents. We offer reliable advice, site visits, comprehensive reports, and assistance with any subsequent litigation, including providing expert evidence.

In these above study cases examples of combustion engines, several lab-analysis, tests and investigations were carried out to produce final comprehensive reports to settle different claims.

Marine Insurance Consultancy

Whether you’re looking to outsource your day-to-day marine insurance administration or need expertise for a one-off project, can help. With consultants experienced and experts in marine insurance and risk management issues, we offer specialist advice tailored to your exact requirements, from devising effective risk management and insurance programs, to taking care of complex claim negotiations and advising on major marine claims deals.

Claims and Loss Adjusting

We understand the challenges that you face and can offer you marine claims handling and claim management assistance on a global basis. Our expertise and experience allow us to provide technical assessment in relation to settle a claims in the different marine areas.

Examples of our interventions in cases related to:

Capsize and groundings,

Hull Damages,


Oil tanker explosion and fire,


Claims in terminals and shipyards,

Example of Collapse in terminal due to wind pressure

Example of products contamination at terminal shore tank due to wrong lining up.

Monitoring and control of Drydocking repairs

Our service has been designed help to the technical superintendents of shipowners in the manner in which commercial department of ship repairers compile quotation and how is controlled these repairs at shipyard.  We assist to prepare man hour planning charts, helping them to assess manpower requirements for jobs and to produce time-based plans. A comparison between various countries has been included in our service. We calculate the labour man-hours and costs related to: drydocking works, steel works, pipe works, mechanical works, electrical works and general works.

We also assist to the shipowners and operators to deal with Insurance companies and P&I in relation to the scope and distribution of the repair’s costs associated to claims.

Below some ships examples of control and monitoring services carry out by Ingemar.


Marine warranty surveys

Our approach to assurance ensures clients achieve a positive outcome for even the most challenging projects, while risks are mitigated and minimized. As a result, issues marine warranty approvals for some of the world’s largest industry players.

Risk assessment. JH-143 shipyard risk assessment

We have offer a wide range of services in all fields related with risk assessment in the marine industry, including operational, port and shipyard risk assessments, hazard identification, HAZOP studies, consequence analysis (including ship impacts, fires, explosions and toxic releases) escape, evacuation and rescue analysis, review of incident data, experimental work and risk analysis of marine cargo transport.

In relation to risk assessment, we offer the implementation of the industry-standard JH-143 Shipyard Risk Assessment form, a insurance tool used in relation to all aspects of shipyard security, including a thorough review of geographical and environmental risks, general site condition, processes and procedures, quality assurance/quality control of the production process, general housekeeping, management of subcontractors, permit to work systems, emergency response plan, fire-fighting capability, shipyard equipment, atmospheric monitoring and control of industrial gases, launching and sea trials, site safety and casualty history.

STS operation acting as POAC

Some examples of STS operation conducted by Ingemar in different parts of the world.