Pre-Vetting audits

Pre-vetting audits, TMSA consultancy, Pre-Charter inspection, Pre-Purchase Inspection, ON-OFF Hire Survey

Gap Analysis

Ingemar offers operators and shipowners the possibility of preparing their ships for vetting inspections.

The goal is to ensure the vessel will pass the inspection, wich will result in a significant saving of time and money. Pre-vetting audits include a full documentation review, a quality systems audit and a ship inspection that will detect the vessel’s weak spots. We are able to work with ship owners and charterers to identify gaps within the Safety Management Systems and provide solutions to these areas for improved performance and preparation for OCIMF member.

Navigation Audits

Ingemar has experience as senior deck officers and masters in conducting regular navigation audits to identify gaps and provide solutions for optimum bridge team operations. Our detailed audit format captures both bridge team behavior and any knowledge gaps where identified and our experienced consultants can make recommendations to improve these operations.

Internal Audits

Our auditors are trained to ISO /Internal audit level and able to perform the functions as internal auditor for operators or as a third party to identify gaps within the Safety Management Systems.