Transport project risk management

Transport project risk management

Ingemar provides a specialist surveying service for project cargoes, heavy lifts and high value shipments to cargo underwriters and project cargo risk managers.

The service covers a review of packing before shipment, inland transport to and from the manufacturer’s premises, suitability of road transport, barges and ocean vessels to ensure risk free and safe transportation, review of ship stability data, loading and unloading of cargoes on to ocean vessels and securing of cargo items.Throughout the process we assess risk and compliance with underwriter’s insurance warranties.

We have many years of experience of large scale projects in various countries throughout the world. The service we provide may be for a single item of cargo or for shipments comprising of a whole project from factory to construction site. We liaise closely with logistics companies and we are very pro-active in solving loading and logistics problems.

Arrival of the chinese vessel Zhen Hua 25 to Algeciras. Ingemar developed athe engineering project regarding materials fatigue calculations, accelerations, lashing design and stability for this cargo project wich required the safe delivery from Shanghai of five large fully-assembled cranes. These were at the time the world’s largest available port cranes.

  • Project Triple X

    The ship docked on Algeciras port after an uneventful journey.

  • One of the five cranes has been easily removed using perpendicular rail riggings

  • Detail of the rail rig system, in yellow. The red wheels are the original mechanism provided with the cranes. The cranes where jacked in position to install the new rails.

  • Original stowage plan. Each crane height was 104 meters and was lashed and secured with twenty 9 meter long stools, 800 mm. in diameter.

  • Image of the stool rig. They are welded to the crane itself and horizontally to strong points on deck. The complete system was designed to withstand waves up to 6,3 meters high and winds up to 32 m/s.